From 2009: Staff and patients of Mt Sheridan Medical are happy to be moving into their new purpose built premises at 6—8 George Cannon Drive (next to ABC Day Care). Formerly located in Mt Sheridan Shopping Plaza on Barnard Drive, it was somewhat of a ‘false start’ when Mt Sheridan Medical moved to its new premises on George Cannon Drive midway through the year. Due to construction delays, staff were required to work on site, out of temporary premises. According to Doctor Steven Rudolphy, “While there never was any compromise in relation to patient care, we are all very happy to be in our new building at last.”

The new Mount Sheridan Medical is a ‘one stop shop’ and has a pharmacy and pathology located all under the one roof in the new building. Dr. Rudolphy added, “While we may have a formal opening down the track, for now we are just relieved to be in the new building and I can promise all our patients that we have no intention of moving again.”

The addition of the medical practice completes a small but vibrant commercial hub in Forest Gardens.

Mount Sheridan Medical

Mount Sheridan Medical



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