Vale Des Chalmers (1935-2009)

From 2009 by Gary Schofield of Gary Schofield Media:

Des Chalmers’ first job was down the mines at Broken Hill, after graduation from Queensland University.

Des entered local government at Grafton in northern NSW, and came to Mulgrave Shire in 1964 as Deputy Shire Engineer. When Reg Rudge retired in 1967, Des was appointed Mulgrave Shire Engineer.

He was a walking encyclopedia on the shire and supervised most of the major infrastructure jobs of the day.

He also had significant input into the development of the shire’s first town planning scheme when such policy documents became compulsory for all councils across Queensland.

Des spent a lot of time at the coalface where he commanded great respect from the work crews.

Shortly after the 1995 amalgamation of Cairns City and Mulgrave Shire councils, Des left the new council to work with Main Roads as a Planning and Development Officer. His local knowledge proved invaluable, and he remained a dedicated public servant until his retirement in 2003.

He was a Rotarian of long standing, and loved nothing better than bushwalking, camping and playing cards.

A former Mulgrave Shire officer, Rev Ian Lindsay, now a Navy chaplain based in NSW, conducted the funeral service and Grahame Bruce, a close friend and fellow engineer, delivered the eulogy.

Des is survived by his wife Denise, son James, daughter Ann and grandchildren Adelaide and George.•

He is survived by his wife Marie, son Ross, daughters Susan and June and grandchildren Fraser, Sarah, Sally, Matthew, Louise and Micheal.



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