Vile Filth Must Go!

From 2010: Have you heard of ‘Broken Window Syndrome’? It is an academic theory that argues the need to quickly ‘crack down on anti-social behavior’ and repair vandalism in our suburbs before the rot sets in. Hence the name of the theory, which showed that when one broken window was not mended, it was far more likely additional panes would be smashed.

Below is an example of what was on display in suburban parks in White Rock, Mt Sheridan and Woree. I apologise for any offence this causes readers of The Rock News but I feel these examples need to be seen to allow informed comment.

  • Forest Gardens Park (now removed)
Forest Gardens Park (Sawpit and Foxtail)

Forest Gardens Park (Sawpit and Foxtail)



  • Mt Sheridan Walkway 1
Mt Sheridan Pedestrian Walkway 1

Mt Sheridan Pedestrian Walkway 1

Mt Sheridan Pedestrian Walkway 2

Mt Sheridan Pedestrian Walkway 2

As someone who frequently visits parks in South Cairns, it needs to be pointed out that this is the vile nature of the graffiti that is under discussion. Nearly all of it is of a sexual nature or overtly racist. Despite this, some Councillors and even some readers of this blog feel uninhibited to comment that graffiti is either clever, or a ’fun thing for young people.’ It is not. It is something that is almost universally offensive and we need to stay on top of it!

Cr. Rob Pyne.

PS – Authorized murals (not the rubbish shown above) on ‘legal walls’ in the CBD are fine and people can paint what they want inside their own homes, sheds, etc., what I am talking about is outside open ‘public space’ in our suburbs.



2 Comments on “Vile Filth Must Go!

  1. One of the biggest problems here is lighting if there are lights you will rarely find this stuff. But i really think it is time for parents to be held responsiable for the cost if the kids are found. Also until these kids are of all races are given a curfew this will keep happening leading to worse grimes. When i lived in White Rock there were kids roaming all night you would here them whistling which is their way of sending messages to each other each whistle means something ie police , cars, no one home at this house ect. you find old kids/adults using younger kids because if caught they get into less trouble. We can’t keep expecting the police to handle this stuff they should not be having to baby sit the children of the city/subrubs they just do not have the resouces to do this.It has always amazed me that we find it acceptable to live in a house like we are the criminals sercuity screen/doors/lighting high fences alarms. If you think this will not in time get worse just remember the riots of the world it is like feeding sharks the first tatse of blood and all hell breaks out. People always talk of not being able to go out at night etc look back over the years when you could without even thinking you were ever in any danger. I remember this so am i just old in these changing times or am i lucky i can remember freedom…???
    Mark mine and many other peoples word this get WORSE you just have no idea how worse YET…..

  2. Good on you Rob. I agree with you, Graffiti needs to be removed immediately, within the first 24 hours if possible. I think it promotes a ghetto image and this in turn promotes crime. Thank-you for bringing this to our attention and keep up the good work.

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