Long grass in Cairns just does not cut it!

The Cairns Post – 11 Jan 2010

Maintenance cutbacks: Rob Pyne is concerned about council trying to save money by not mowing lawns on median strips and in parks across the city.

The budget cuts were designed to save council more than $4 million but Cr Rob Pyne has questioned the decision, saying there are better ways to save money.

Cr Pyne said he had been inundated with calls from residents who were upset and concerned by the state of many of the region’s parks and reserves.

Long Grass in White Rock - Picture: MIKE WATT

Long Grass in White Rock – Picture: MIKE WATT

OVERGROWN parks and long grass on median strips are prompting complaints from Cairns ratepayers since gardening services were cut back in the council budget.

He said he felt for council staff working at the depots, who often had to deal with people demanding more frequent maintenance. “The resources to the staff at the depot have been cut back and over the last few weeks our depot has been overflowing with requests to mow the grass,” he said. “It is not saving big money. I know how much these guys get paid. “People are really upset about it.”

Cr Pyne called on council to deliver a “backto-basics” budget this year with a focus on important community issues. “The calls I get from resident are 95 per cent focused on local street issues, like maintenance, graffiti, rubbish or footpaths,” he said. “If we can’t even properly fund routine maintenance, how can the community have confidence we are addressing more complex issues?”

Mayor Val Schier said hard decisions needed to be made in last year’s budget but said the cost cutting measures would be reviewed.
“We have a budget review coming up and we will certainly be looking at the arrangements for our parks and gardens,” she said.
“Certainly the budget last year was very, very tight but at the same time, it is vitally important to keep Cairns looking good.”

Cr Pyne said he was talking to his colleagues to see if they were dealing with similar concerns from their constituents.

The Cairns Post – 11 Jan 2010



One Comment on “Long grass in Cairns just does not cut it!

  1. Long grass is a perfect hiding spot for snakes, broken glass, rubbish and rusty nail-covered planks. This is asking for trouble with future WPH&S issues when staff have to work in these places, and locals may well find themselves injured – is Council going to pay for the injuries resulting from these?!

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