Woree Pool 2010 Makeover!

Woree Pool Well Maintained

Woree Pool Well Maintained

The Woree Pool has received some much needed attention.

The 50 metre pool was drained and the expansion joints were renewed. At the same time the toddler pool was also emptied, and was completely resurfaced.

Cr. Rob Pyne said, “There was almost $100 000.00 spent to make sure the pool in 2010-11 so it stays in first rate condition.

It was most rewarding to see the work done over the winter months, so there has been no need for any ‘unscheduled closer’.


Woree Pool awning

Local Swimming Clubs and pool users have been calling out for an awning to cover the cafeteria area for almost 12 months.

It was pleasing to work with CRC staff to finally get this job done!


Pool Car Park Gets Makeover

Council is also doing its part to make the Woree Sporting Precinct a world class set-up. Council has upgraded the asphalt in the car park and installed new lighting in the car park at a total cost of almost $40 000.00. The Council lighting really improves safety in the pool car park area, which is important, as that is access to the fields as well.

Cr. Rob Pyne applauded all the stakeholders for their efforts, “This area is much tidier now, it is safer and we are even on top of the grafitti problem. I would like to thank Council staff, the Woree school and the YMCA, who manage the pool.”


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