Council Protects Cairns Hillslopes

Cairns Regional Council has moved to protect our hillslopes in response to the community desire to keep the green face of Cairns.

Council wrote to the State Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, to recommend 27 separate sites from Ellis Beach to False Cape be back zoned into conservation.

The areas in the amendments included parcels of steeply sloped land and areas that are of high conservation significance.

Council’s Planning and Environment Committee considered each of the 27 sites individually,  after 18 months of detailed discussion and two workshops.

The current Development Approvals in the areas designated by the amendments will remain unaffected over their designated term.

The Cairns Mayor said, “Community members including the Save Our Slopes (SOS) group have been advocating for several years for increased hillslope protection. Consideration of the hillslopes review is in line with the direction of the Far North Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2013.”

Cr. Rob Pyne said, “It was great to see a majority of Councillors supported this amendment. It is something I promised to do and I am convinced most people want our scenic backdrop preserved, before any more is developed.”

Cr. Pyne added, “As well as a great visual asset, the slopes around Cairns also operate as the ‘lungs of our city’ and must be preserved for future generations.”

The proposed amendments were submitted to the State Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, Stirling Hinchcliffe for review. The amendments were put on display in a public notification period after which they were approved by the Minister.



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