The Native Golden Penda adds Colour and Birds to Mount Sheridan!

Every year one street in Mount Sheridan participates in the Planet Ark National Tree Planting Day. The tree of choice is the Golden Penda, which is a colourful native.

The Golden Penda was the floral emblem of the former Mulgrave Shire Council.

Golden Penda Tree

Golden Penda Tree

Last year, tree planters and residents of Bourke Close lined their street with the local native and the year before it was Fife Street and the year before that, residents of Cliff Close!

If you are a Mount Sheridan resident and would like your street to be considered for next year’s Planet Ark Tree Planting Day, email Rob Pyne on


Council celebrates Tropical Tree Day (TTD) each year with Tree Planting activities. Last year TTD was held on Sunday 5th of December at Reys Park in White Rock.

Cr. Rob Pyne said, “I love organising these days and to be honest, they are just as much about community building as tree tree planting, but there is no doubt that long-term, they do enhance the area.”

While planting trees in out suburbs is a great thing to do, the hard yards in terms of protecting our waterways and hillslope areas, is being done by some fantastic local groups, such as Cairns Urban Landcare and Tree-force.

McKinnon Creek in Edmonton and Crowleys Creek in White Rock have had great restoration work done. Likewise, Trinity Anglican School Parents & Association has overseen an amazing job in the planting of 10 000 trees in Sawpit Gully in White Rock.



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