SCIENCE INNOVATION: Woree School Science Centre Comes Online!

November 2010: The newly completed $1.47 million ‘Science Language Centre’ has come on line in term 4. The facility will have 3 distinct components, Marine Science, Sports Science and Language other than English Room.

Woree Science Students

Woree Science Students

Our current Science facility built in 1986 has not received any upgrades since initial construction. With only 4 outdated science labs and limited sport science facilities, the new facility allows us to expand into innovative programs, supported with a comprehensive range of resources and ‘state of the art’ tools sustaining both student and teacher learning.

Woree State High School leads the way in building effective primary school partnerships through shared curriculum delivery where secondary teacher expertise has been utilized to deliver innovative and connected science studies. In 2009 and 2010, Year 7 Woree State School students cross the road weekly to attend a 70 minute science lesson, delivered by a Woree State High School Science Teacher in our labs. In addition, the 2010 Science Partnership Program will have expanded to Year 6 Woree State School students. Our aim is to have all science classes in specialist facilities. Woree State High School is the identified key school to host the newly developed Great Barrier Reef International Marine College, a partnership with the marine industry, TAFE and the Australian Marine Training Network. This facility will enable us to expand the school/regional strategies offering improved academic service to students and community. Improving students’ academic aspirations is our long term strategy focusing on students to take up science orientated courses leading to careers. As a host school we provide local students the opportunity to enter marine orientated courses providing a vocational and academic focus, linking to the Marine Industry.

One of the natural strengths of our students’ is their sporting prowess and we identified this as an excellent theme for motivating students academically. Our sports program educates students in all aspects of sports science and wellbeing will be the key focus of the Sports lab. Sporting prowess is a key motivator for students. In the past 2 years a range of athlete development programs have been initiated with scientific analysis and research into human performance a key focus.

The new Japanese room and virtual language lab will improve student numbers and enhance our capacity for eLearning delivery method for students with a strong desire to learn another language who are currently encouraged to learn through virtual schooling and distance education. The virtual language lab allows our students to access and specialise in a range of languages through outside providers. The virtual language lab is adaptable to changing teaching and learning styles, contexts and expectations will have a strong IT focus allowing group/individual learning activities, full online courses, forums, and synchronous chat sessions providing additional curriculum options.

The photographs are just a snapshot of what modern facilities we have gained through this new facility.




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