Rob Pyne Outlines Vision for Cane Train Corridor!

Cane Train Corridor in South Cairns

Cane Train Corridor in South Cairns

Southside Councillor Rob Pyne has argued for Cairns to take advantage of a ‘great opportunity’ to plan for future use of suburban sections of the ‘cane train corridor’ for cycle and pedestrian use.

The corridor is currently used to transport cane from a number of farms to the Mulgrave Mill. When it is no longer required for this, the corridor could be used for public purposes. In calling for discussion, Cr. Pyne said, “The great thing about the cane train corridor is that for many short journeys, it provides a shorter route from A to B. From Bentley Park and Mount Sheridan, through to Woree and Bayview and beyond, there are some great opportunities for linkages.”

Unfortunately many school children are already aware of this and use it to get to and from school on a daily basis, which presents dangers during the cane crushing season.

Just last year, the State Government performed a study that determined there are constraints that prevent the corridor being used for mass public transit.  The Cairns Transit Network report states future public transport need will be met as part of the Bruce Highway Upgrade (alongside the existing highway).

For many residents the cane train corridor could provide very handy access for journeys to the shops or to the nearest bus stop. The cane train or ‘access way’ could provide a more leisurely alternative for cyclists and pedestrians. Cr. Pyne said, “I would envisage shady trees and park benches, though one resident has suggested the verges be used for vegetable gardens and permaculture, which is an interesting idea as well. We can discuss any proposals people have.”

How long our section of the corridor will be used to transport sugar cane to the mill remains to some extent unknown, but with much of the land in areas such as the Redlynch Valley and Freshwater either developed or subject to Development Approvals, the time is coming when it will be no longer needed.

Cr. Pyne concluded, “We have a great opportunity here and I think a community discussion on the issue would be useful.  We need to be on the front foot if we are to better plan for the future.”



2 Comments on “Rob Pyne Outlines Vision for Cane Train Corridor!

  1. If a neighbourhood working bee could find enough willing volunteers to help plant tree and shrubs along their section of the tram line it would help to beatify it and attract more users.

  2. Most of this rail line backs onto people property and i am sure planting tree’s at your back fence shouldn’t be a problem the council gardens would be able to supply so as to keep a track of type of tree’s planted.But as usual everybody like the idea but no one is pepared to lend a hand…

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