Community Must ‘Declare War’ on Southside Gang Graffiti!!!

Cairns Regional Councillor Rob Pyne, has called on the community to ‘declare war’ on Southside gangs that are covering Council Facilities and Commercial Buildings with graffiti.

Cr. Pyne said, “I inspect Council parks and public areas regularly and I am sick and tired of seeing graffiti everywhere. A small number of juveniles have joined gangs and spray their gang name everywhere. It is an ongoing problem, particularly in White Rock and Woree and we all need to do something about it.”

“Just a couple years ago it was ‘The Bloods’ being sprayed everywhere and now it is 4868 and DFA being scrawled over everything from play equipment to bus shelters. These are names the gangs give themselves, and they spray it, to mark their territory. In doing this they are in fact disrespecting their own neighborhood.”

Residents area asked to report graffiti on the Council website as soon as they see it. All the research shows early removal discourages re-offenders.

Cr. Pyne said, ”Lets be straight, there is absolutely no artistic merit in this rubbish. Other than gang names, profanity and racist comment is all these people are capable of. Even then they usually can’t manage to spell correctly!”

Pyne said, “I am reporting it wherever I see it on Council infrastructure and I call on owners of private properties to remove graffiti without delay. Cr. Pyne added, “As one shop owner said to me the other day ‘you have to get it off straight away – that breaks their little hearts and eventually they give up’.

The message I want to get out is that we need to get rid of it immediately.

Cr. Pyne
said, “There is a big cost here. When businesses clean up, they pass some of the cost on to consumers and when government is spending thousands of dollars, that is passed on to the public as well. He added, “People get angry about paying extra on their rates for worthwhile projects, so how much worse is it when they are paying to remedy this wanton vandalism?”

I believe if we all make an effort we can get on top of this! In terms of the individuals doing this, I ask residents to report anyone they see doing graffiti or carrying a spray can directly to the police!

If for any reason people are reluctant to call police, they can call CrimeStoppers and quote QP1100076946.



3 Comments on “Community Must ‘Declare War’ on Southside Gang Graffiti!!!

  1. Totally agree with you Rob, something must be done and this is definitely something the community can assist with. If residents of Woree and surrounding suburbs want to remain anonymous but would like the vandalism report on their behalf, they can send an email to myself on and advise time, date and location of the graffitti. A photo would also be fantastic if it could be attached to the email.

    In turn I will send on the information to Rob or the authorities who own the tagged asset. I want to also thank Rob for being passionate on regards to keeping our suburbs safe and free of graffiti.

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  3. If the child gangs are bored and vandalise, how about starting up some recreational facilities and support for services and activities that specifically teenage youth at risk and challenging children? Is there any means of identifying the gang members via police in order to start a discussion and process where Police, council and community can discuss the “whys”, “hows” and “why nots” of vandalism? Maybe go on a school assembly or visit school groups in order to gain scope on this issue and reasons…

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