Mr. King – Walking and Cycling Strategy CRUCIAL: Especially in School Areas!

King - Critical of Council

King – Critical of Council

In today’s The Cairns Post, Gavin King is critical of the priority Cairns Regional Council has placed on the provision of cycleways and pathways.

Cr. Rob Pyne puts the alternate argument:

Throughout Cairns more pathways are needed to meet increasing demands from cyclists and pedestrians. I have identified a TOP 12 Requests for Pathways in Division Three and posted them online.

Most of our traffic ‘School Zones’ are congested and there is simply no room to expand them.  Surrounding areas are in most cases ‘built out’, and enrollments at many of these schools continue to grow!

I have been working to increase off-road pathways in these areas so more parents feel secure in having their child walk or cycle to school.

Pyne - More Pathways!

Pyne – More Pathways!

It seems to me that getting more children to walk or cycle to school is the only way many of these areas can remain manageable. If there is another answer, I would like to know what it is.

Another point that needs to be made is that these requests come from the public before being thoroughly assessed. Hopefully we are showing leadership as a Council, but it is the community that is really driving this change!”

Most new pathways in School areas are planned in conjunction with the state government and school SafeST Committees.

Safe school travel (SafeST)

An image of the safe school travel logo.

Each year, a number of students are injured as they travel to and from school. The Department of Transport and Main Roads is committed to reducing student injuries and fatalities through the Safe School Travel (SafeST) package.


SafeST is a collection of programs, schemes and initiatives designed to improve transport safety for all children regardless of whether they walk, cycle or travel as passengers in buses or cars.

For more information view the safe school travel fact sheet (PDF, 129 KB).

City Paths and Bikeways (CRC Website)

Paths and bikeways make a significant contribution to the Cairns Region’s built environment, local character, tourism appeal and outdoor lifestyle. This is demonstrated by the enormous success of Cairns Esplanade, which will soon be supported by two new signature projects ­ the $6.1M CBD­ Aeroglen Bikeway (1.5M from Council) and the CBD Walking & Cycling Circuit along Lily Creek.



3 Comments on “Mr. King – Walking and Cycling Strategy CRUCIAL: Especially in School Areas!

  1. In these financially strained times I find better ways to spend my hard earned than buying the local paper to read the latest repetitious rantings of one of Rupert Murdoch’s Glove Puppets. Thank you for providing a clearer perspective on what happens in Council. Something the Cairns Post is unable to do these days it seems.

  2. Gavin King has ignored the rights of chidren, young teens, apprentices, exchange, TAFE and university students and those too young to have a driver’s license. For shame!

  3. Thankyou Rob for speaking out and providing yet another common sense argument as to why bike and walking paths are a good investment.

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