Hetty Johnson from Bravehearts was the key note speaker at Mission Australia’s FNQ Early Year’s Forum 2011 held at The Colonial Club. Founder and Executive Director of Bravehearts, Australia’s leading child protection advocate, Hetty was a finalist for the 2006 Australian of the Year Award and 2008  Queenslander of the Year – and is the recipient of two Australian Alliance Civil Justice Awards!

In 2009, Hetty was recognised as one of 70 outstanding leaders throughout the world, receiving the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership award. Hetty established Bravehearts in 1997. Bravehearts is an organisation whose purpose is to provide therapy, support and advocacy services to survivors of child sexual assault, and to increase prevention – by way of education and awareness.

Mission Australia

At the Cairns forum, she delivered a magnificent, heartfelt address. She spoke of the need to lift the veil of secrecy and stigma surrounding child sexual abuse and it was easy to see the passion she has for the issue. Hetty mentioned the evils a culture of secrecy can cause. This is wider than even the child safety area.

Governments keep many secrets citing, ‘commercial in confidence’ and ‘confidentiality’, which are often excuses to benefit those in power, so we also support the push for greater political accountability in Australia.



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