Queenslanders With a Disability (QDN) Active in Cairns.

Queenslanders With a Disability (QDN) are active in Cairns.

Well done to local woman Lyn Coyle who is being ably assisted by Jan Corcoran. Anyone interested in joining can email Jan on janjan@bigpond.net.au or visit the website.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Cairns Library Meeting room.

QDN is a statewide network of people with disability:

QDN is for people with disability, with people with disability, by people with disability, for citizenship and social justice.

QDN is funded by the Queensland Government (Disability Services Queensland). It is our vision to connect people with disability to build a voice of Queenslanders with disability to represent our views on issues that affect us.

Find out more about QDN by following this link http://www.qdn.org.au/.

Or, you may select this link to download the details as a Word file information sheet.

Members are welcome. Membership is free.



2 Comments on “Queenslanders With a Disability (QDN) Active in Cairns.

  1. Yes Well done Lyn and Jan and QDN your role as independent advocates for the rights of people with disability in Cairns is really important – I would say join QDN for a voice for all people with disability.

  2. to qdn net meeting nixt time having nixt qdn worki shops with you
    i wiLL come down there work on it write back big thank you for those photos about Lyn coyLe may i to working with you around cairns

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