When does that Bruce Highway Upgrade Start – It Started Last Year!

The first sod was turned on Stage 1 of the Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade in October last year!

Work will continue until completion of the project by the end of next year!

You can see the old fire station (trike business) being demolished and the pro-shop at the Golf Club will go soon as well.

Vegetation removal will start soon and the earthmoving work will commence as soon as the wet season ends.

As part of the Bruce Highway Upgrade at Woree and White Rock DTMR has let a $ 95 Million Dollar contract and the timelines are as follows:

Offer submission 3 June 2011
Tender award September 2011
Commence construction Late 2011
Complete construction Late 2013

We are assured that entire project will be open to traffic before the end of 2013.

Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said the move would be welcomed by locals.

“The Bruce Highway is a lifeline for the Far North Queensland and, with the population of Cairns set to more than double in the next 30 years, this road is an investment in our region’s future,” Mr Pitt said.

“Together, the Gillard and Bligh Labor governments are building a sustainable and vibrant Cairns underpinned by modern, well planned transport infrastructure – a city which continues to be a great place to visit, work and raise a family,” he said.

Member for Cairns Desley Boyle said this $150 million project (total cost) will generate up to 400 local jobs and was the first stage in the delivery of a 30-year blueprint for the Bruce between Wrights Creek south of Edmonton and Draper Street near the Cairns CBD.

“Developed following extensive consultations with Cairns Regional Council and the local community, the blueprint sets out the transport infrastructure which this growing City will need in the years ahead,” said Ms Boyle.



2 Comments on “When does that Bruce Highway Upgrade Start – It Started Last Year!

  1. When does the SECOND sod get turned?

    Eight days now and all we have to show for it is a couple of posts in the ground near Forest Gardens.

    Why have these false starts, us Southsiders have years of inconvenience in front of us so that a handful of people can get to work eight minutes earlier, so let’s get it going and be done with it.

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