MENTAL HEALTH WEEK: Great Pictures on Cairns Esplanade!

October 2011: The March for Wellbeing (organised by Cairns Mental Health Promotion Committee) took place at 10.30am today on the Cairns Esplanade.

The March marked the start of Metal Health Week.

Below are some fantastic pictures and information about this great initiative!

Participants walked from the Skate Park to the Esplanade Lagoon.

Everyone was invited to join in the colourful celebration to think about community wellbeing and to connect with each other.

The March was organised by the local Cairns Mental Health Promotion Committee. At the lagoon a BBQ was hosted by Qld Health and Qld Police.

This is a community event aiming to celebrate life and to dispell the negative stereotypes about mental illness and to look to a new future of being active, getting connected with others and staying involved in life.

The March was joined by circus performers and colourful costumes. People were encouraged to put on a bright shirt and to join in celebrating wellbeing in Cairns.

For further details contact Gill Townsend 40519622

This event has been listed by Gill Townsend, you can contact them at gill@centacarecairns.or


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