Bentley Park Students Give Their Blood!

Bentley Park College students have contributed greatly to the hefty 283 blood donations to date that local high school students aged 16 and over have made this year.

All donations are tallied and go towards the annual “Youngbloods Challenge” award, which was won by Bentley Park College in 2010. The college is well-placed to win the challenge again in 2011.

Steven Lesina, a Year 12 student at Bentley Park College, has just made his 8th blood donation at the Cairns Blood Bank.

Steven said he was further motivated to donate blood when he found out that his grandfather had prostate cancer. “Our health is the most important thing and luckily my grandad has made a full recovery” he said.

“My grandma volunteers at the blood bank and it has always been something she has wanted us to do” said Steven. “I’ve always been motivated to help people and donating blood is a great way of helping lots of people” he said.

Maths teacher Andrew Geppert is the coordinator of the college’s blood donor program and a regular plasma donor. “I think it is important that we all contribute to the community and blood donation is such a simple way to help improve the lives of others. I enjoy seeing the faces on the volunteers at the blood bank when they talk about the number of students donating. Hopefully many of the students will continue to donate well after they finish school” he said.

Will Steven continue to donate blood after he completes high school in a few weeks time? “Definitely. I actually plan to start donating plasma as soon as I turn 18 in January” he said.



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