Cairns bus information now in real time!

Wasting precious time waiting for the arrival of a bus will be a thing of the past for Cairns residents with the launch of a unique new high-tech program which allows commuters to trace public transport in real time.

Transport Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk today launched the Cairns Real Time Passenger Information System in Cairns.

“This Real Time pilot will run from November 2011 to May 2012,” she said.

“The entire Sunbus fleet has been fitted with GPS and 3G modems, relaying real time information on service locations at 25-second intervals to electronic bus stop displays across Cairns, and to an online tracking tool.

“Cairns Real Time demonstrates the government’s commitment to providing innovative public transport solutions in regional areas.

“The online bus tracker and electronic bus stop displays will give commuters increased confidence in the usability and reliability of public transport.”

Member for Cairns Desley Boyle said in today’s time-poor society, it was important for commuters to be able to make well-informed journey decisions.

“Real time will make catching public transport easier by providing accessible and current bus location information,” Ms Boyle said.

“Cairns Real Time provides commuters with the ability to see when their bus is due to depart via an online bus tracker or at new electronic bus stop displays across the city.”

The new electronic bus displays are at:

  • Lake Street Transit Mall
  • Stockland Earlville
  • DFO Westcourt
  • Smithfield Shopping Centre
  • Cairns Central Shopping Centre
  • James Cook University.

Barron River MP Steve Wettenhall said Cairns residents and visitors can find out where their bus is before they leave their home or office, or via their laptop or tablet while on the go.

“Bus passengers in Cairns will no longer have to run for the bus or wait at bus stops- all they have to do is look at the online bus tracker on they will know exactly when the bus will be at their stop,” Mr Wettenhall said.

“Information generated by the system will be used in future planning to improve schedules and route services.

“Our government is passionate about public transport and we are committed to getting it right. That’s why we have partnered with Sunbus, and system developer Bacchus Management Systems, to get this pilot up and running.

Through technology like this we can improve bus service usability and reliability, making public transport a quality travel option for Cairns, so South Cairns residents can plan their transport online.

More information on the Cairns Real Time System and the online bus tracker is available at



5 Comments on “Cairns bus information now in real time!

  1. Pretty useless on the phone, when you click on a bus a box pops up, but then you can’t get rid of it and have to refresh again.

    They need to make an Android version, not a web site.

  2. Looks like you spent all the money on everything but the Bus service
    it still takes 2 hours to get from White rock to the Uni “Well done you must all be very proud”

  3. Buses should be free to travel on.Tax the hell out of private cars and build a dedicated, SAFE bikeROAD, NO NEED FOR BILLION DOLLAR HIGHWAYS

  4. If we had dedicated light rail rather than buses that share roads with other vehicles, the light rail vehicles would not be (routinely) held up and should run on time, most of the time. This is not to say that an electronic notification system is not useful, but it reinforces the fact that our current bus system is inefficient and often doesn’t run to schedule.

  5. Why isn’t this an iPhone app? Who’s carrying a laptop around with them? Another stupid idea funded by blockheads in Brissy.

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