Cairns Community Service Directory

Do you provide a community service?

Add your service for the community to access

The Online community services directory can be found at There are several ways you can submit or update your information on the directory. First though – search the directory to see if your service is already listed! If it is, and the details need updating, then at the bottom of your entry you will see the text:- “Help us maintain the directory: Update Service Provider” – this will open up a form with the existing details that you can edit or add too.

If your entry doesn’t yet exist, then you can add it by clicking on the “Add your service” highlighted menu option on the main page, where a form with LOTS of fields is available. This form can be a bit off-putting at first, until you realise that you don’t have to fill in ALL the fields in the form, just as many or as few as needed. The most important fields though, are the contact name, contact phone, and contact e-mail fields at the bottom of either form. THESE fields are NOT displayed in your directory listing, they are used by INFOEXCHANGE (who provide the directory service to council) to be able to contact you, and verify all your details.

Basically – by filling in the form, you don’t directly add your details to the directory listing, instead this information is used by INFOEXCHANGE to verify your entry and prevent SPAM/vandalism/incorrect information being added to the directory, and they will usually contact you back within seven to ten days.

Are you looking for a community service?

Look no further – your new Community Services Directory is here!

Council’s Community Services Directory is a database that provides information about community services, organisations, groups and events in your local area.

Information on this site has been given by the service providers themselves with a brief summary of their services as well as their contact details.



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