Rob Pyne says ‘black spot’ fix to save lives!

Cairns Councillor Rob Pyne, has welcomed a pathway linkage that will fix a pathway ‘black spot’ with work that he is convinced will help to save lives! The work has recently been included in the Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade and will increase safety for cyclists and pedestrians in the suburbs of White Rock, Woree and Mount Sheridan.

Mr. Pyne said, “In terms of safety, this new pathway will replace the existing situation where we have children walking and cycling along the cane train line to go to school in Woree. Others have had to cross a six-lane highway and three pedestrian crossings to get to school. Instead, many just choose to ride the wrong way against the traffic. It has been a major safety issue – an accident waiting to happen. I would like to personally thank the Department of Main Roads and the State MP Curtis Pitt for their work to fix this.”

The new work involves an off-road pathway and a very expensive pedestrian overpass, in work that, “Not only will it be safer, but more cyclists will take the pressure off the road system especially at peak times before and after school when parents are driving to drop off and pick up children,” Mr. Pyne said.



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