Ongoing Safety Campaign by TWU: Police and Council respond.

Courtesy Win Television

Transport Workers Union (TWU) Present Council with Petition Outlining Safety Concerns!

Janine Aitken, the Regional Organiser for the Transport Workers Union (TWU) today presented Councillor Rob Pyne with a petition outlining safety concerns in the Cairns CBD.

Cr. Pyne, who Chair’s CRC’s Road Safety Committee, said the list of infrastructure improvements would be looked at by Council Engineers, but the scope of any works would depend on the status of Stage One of the Cairns Transit Network and the timelines of any . He said, “The requests include some routine maintenance issues the Council will consider.” However he cautioned, “We won’t be making significant changes there if the state are likely to tear it up as part of their project.”

Cr. Pyne concluded, “Over coming years there will be significant changes that will greatly enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists, but clearly the answer must include safety education for cyclists and pedestrians as well. At the end of the day, safety is everyone’s responsibility.”



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