Brooks-Cooper and Pyne welcome Disclosure and Transparency!

An Independent Council Candidate and a serving Cairns Regional Councillor have welcomed the move to greater accountability in Local Government.

Welcoming the new disclosure requirements that require all sitting councillors to lodge a new ‘Register of Interest’ disclosure by the 31st of January, Council Candidate for Division 8, Tanya Brooks-Cooper said, “This is really important to me, as in any determinations of council, there should be no room for accusations of ulterior motivations. It is not a matter of how much someone owns, but whatever interests you have, you must disclose them.”

Cr. Rob Pyne said, “This ushers in a new era of accountability and transparency in Local Government and not before time! It really takes disclosure to a new level by increasing the range of what has to be disclosed and applying it to Councillors partners as well.”

These comments come in response to new disclose requirements that requires sitting Councillors to lodge a Register of Interests document by today, the 31st of January.

The register requires councillors to provide a detailed list of a their assets, as well as those of their spouse. This is a requirement under the Local Government (Operational) Regulations 2010.

Cr. Pyne concluded, “I am happy to lead the way. I don’t own much, but everything I have is posted online as well as Facebook and twitter for all to see.”

All Councillors were required to lodge a Register of Interests disclosure form by 31st January 2012. We post the current Register of Interest for Rob Pyne for your information.



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