Southside Crusaders Rugby Deserve a Home on Edmonton Sporting Land Now!

Councillor Rob Pyne has called on Council to fast track work on sporting fields on Walker Road in Edmonton. This follows concerns from the Southside Crusaders Rugby Union Club and a campaign by Cr. Pyne to find a home for the Club.

Cr. Pyne said, “Good on Council for providing this land, but they have owned it for almost four years now and it sits there growing weeds. It is time to develop these sporting fields for residents of the southern corridor. Hopefully after the council election some of the new blood on Council will give this issue the urgency it deserves.”

Cairns Regional Council Candidate for Division 2, Leigh Dall’Ostosaid, “ We know the southern corridor is a growth area and much is being said

Leigh Dall'Osto

Leigh Dall’Osto

about encouraging sport and recreation, but we need action now! It is fantastic that we managed to find a home for the Edmonton Storm Rugby League, but the Southside Crusaders deserve no less.”

Shaun Butler from the Crusaders said, “Clearly our club is not being treated fairly. In a nutshell, all we want is a training venue for our club! We offer a healthy alternative and rugby is a great sport offering fitness, camaraderie, team building and leadership skills. We feel we have a lot to offer the community.”

Rob Pyne

Pyne: Crusaders Deserve a Home!

Cr. Rob Pyne concluded, “Council purchased this land for future sporting needs almost 4 years ago now. I am very disappointed that this far down the track it is just sitting there growing weeds.

Clearly Council needs to develop a bit of ‘urgency’ in relation to this matter and I thank the Crusaders for making an issue out of this.”



One Comment on “Southside Crusaders Rugby Deserve a Home on Edmonton Sporting Land Now!

  1. I am extremely dissappointed that Down Park has again been made off limits for Edmonton Storm Junior League (EJRL) training activity in 2012. EJRL is the largest junior league club in the Cairns competition boasting two to three teams in each age group. All teams train on the same day and our home ground is so crowded that three of the age groups have to train at Bently Park School. In 2011 Down Park was utilized but this year, no. It is a waste of a sporting venue that should be used for the development of our next generation of football stars. Can the present councillor for division 2 please explain (with evidance)??

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