Forest Gardens Hills Saved! Lets not go back to inappropriate development of Unity!!!

Cairns Councillor Rob Pyne, has welcomed a transfer of ownership of some South Cairns hill slopes from a private owner to Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) under an agreement with Council.


Cr. Pyne said, “The transfer of 85 hectares of land at the foothills is just fantastic! It showed great vision by the former Mulgrave Shire Council to impose this requirement to protect the hills and this is one conservation measure that has the support of the whole community!”

“The land was part of the Delfin Lend Lease development, known locally as ‘Forest Gardens’.

Cr. Rob Pyne said, “It represents closing a loop for me at a personal level. My father was Mayor at the time this land was purchased from the Cannon Family for development.’

“Much of that land was valuable hill slope land and Council said to the new owner, “Fine, do your development, but when you are finished, we require you to transfer the higher land back to Council.” Well, that time has now come, and Council is happy to sign off on the transfer of this special land to DERM, to hold and protect on behalf of the people of Cairns!”

Mayor Val Schier also really needs to be given her dues on this issue. This is an area Val really needs to be given credit, she has lead strongly on protection of the Cairns Hills and Scenic Rim.

Hills at Earlville, False Cape and other areas have been protected by Council, by rejecting specific developments, and by the proactive step of back zoning 26 blocks of land to Conservation.

It really concerns me that if people vote for the Unity Team on Saturday, we will be turning the clock back to inappropriate development that has cost us so much and caused so many costly environmental probalems.



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