57 Million from CEP heads south as Newman government considers new arts venue for Brisbane!

Source: The Courier Mail

THE Newman Government is considering a new performing arts venue for Brisbane.

There have been concerns Queensland has missed out on major US and UK productions which have gone to Melbourne and Sydney because of the lack of high-quality and high-capacity venues in the Sunshine State.

Arts Minister Ros Bates today will announce a government-funded Arts Queensland study into a new venue and where it might be located.

“The Government’s policy, arts for all Queenslanders, will ensure quality performing arts experiences continue to be enjoyed as the state’s population grows to a projected 4.4 million by 2031, in the southeast alone,” Ms Bates said.

“Brisbane’s arts scene is thriving. Earlier this year the multi-award-winning musical Mary Poppins broke box office records to become the biggest-selling show at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in more than a decade. The performing arts calendar is full with dynamic seasons from Queensland Ballet, Queensland Theatre Company, Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Opera Queensland.

“There is no shortage of wonderful work to see. However, I am aware of the ongoing debate around the need for a new venue. The study will see if there is a strong body of evidence to support these claims.”

Seating capacity is a big and divisive issue within the arts community.

Sources said QTC wanted a 500-seater for intimate theatre, while QPAC wanted a 2000-seat complex for its musical blockbusters.

Ms Bates said arts and culture had an important role in contributing to a target of a $30-billion “visitor economy” in Queensland by 2020.

The previous Bligh government had floated the idea of a second South Bank complex upriver from the Kurilpa Bridge, a logical spot for a new venue near the existing arts precinct.



4 Comments on “57 Million from CEP heads south as Newman government considers new arts venue for Brisbane!

  1. Well – congratulations Cairns! Hope you’re happy with yourselves? I am now seriously considering leaving town! I am appalled that the all the hard work to create a world class entertainment precinct has been completely wasted (not to mention the $6 million in research and planning etc) and who will benefit now…? Not us!

  2. What a shame typical though the capitals get everything Newman is going to turn far north qld into a complete back water you can see the gleam in his eyes

  3. LOL it got funded cause bligh was trying to butter us up cause our hospital and roads sucked. The upgrade in Brisbane was always on the cards so no our funding isnt going south.

    Would you prefer bligh wrecking the state, the region and the city with its backward policies but a shiny CEP ? Or goverment listening to the priorities of the majority ?

    PS: Townsville got its EP shutdown before it even got funded.

  4. This is disgusting!!! Cairns needs 57 million far more than Brisbane does! My husband is getting to cook his own dinner & wash his own clothes, indefinitrly, for voting for that traitor!!

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