Information on the new Household Assistance Package!

The Household Assistance Package starts from May 2012 with an initial payment, followed by tax cuts in July 2012 and then ongoing assistance added to regular entitlements from March 2013.

The package includes:

  • an initial payment paid automatically to eligible customers
  • increases to regular payments commencing from March 2013
  • new tax cuts effective from July 2012
  • extra assistance, available from July 2012, as well as extra support for Australians relying on essential medical equipment at home.

The Household Assistance Package is part of the Australian Government’s plan for a clean energy future. Around 500 of the biggest polluters in Australia will pay for their pollution under the carbon pricing mechanism, which will be used to assist households to help meet price impacts.

The Household Assistance Package includes the following payments:

For more information go to Household Assistance Package 



One Comment on “Information on the new Household Assistance Package!

  1. Thanks Rob for this info. I did not know that I would get $140 a year because I have sleep apneoa and use a CPCP machine at night, without your newsletter I would have missed out on this payment. Cheers Joy

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