Cairns Community Legal Centre funding in doubt!

Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt says Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie needs to guarantee the future funding of the Cairns Community Legal Centre, after the funding for the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) was scrapped.

“Mr Bleijie needs to explain why he does not want to support projects which level the legal playing field for some of the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised people across Queensland,” Mr Pitt said.

“EDO was funded through the Legal Practitioner Interest on Trust Accounts Fund (LPITAF) which provides grants to legal advice groups supporting some of Queensland’s most vulnerable people.

“Mr Bleijie said on ABC Radio the withdrawing of funding to EDO was more about settling political scores rather than any questions of their performance.

“Mr Bleijie also said, funding of all community legal centres needs to be looked at, putting further doubt on the future of the Cairns Community Legal Centre.

“This funding helps support Indigenous people, the financially-disadvantaged, people with disabilities, refugees and other vulnerable groups throughout Queensland.

“The Cairns Community Legal Centre was a previous recipient of these grants.”

Mr Pitt said Mr Bleijie needs to explain where the interest collected from LPITAF is being spent if it is not being used to support community legal centres.

“Mr Bleijie also needs to detail the future of the fund itself,” Mr Pitt said.

“Is the Attorney-General using this funding to mount his $300,000 High Court challenge against the mining tax.

“This LNP Government says they have to sack thousands of government workers and slash funding to community projects such as LPITAF, because the state has no money, yet they can find money to fund a High Court challenge against the mining tax.

“And $300,000 is nearly as much as the Tenants’ Participation Program axed only a couple of weeks ago by the Newman Government.

“This is another example of the twisted priorities of the Newman Government.”


3 Comments on “Cairns Community Legal Centre funding in doubt!

  1. Enviroment Defenders Office had years to find out how much Tinaroo Dam storage water was being released to Stanwell Hydro at what price

  2. Stanwell Hydro declined to use any of the up to 70,000 ML of unused Tinaroo Dam allocation because they could use an unknown amount at an unknown price.
    The unused Tinaroo Dam irrigators insuraance allocation had the Part A paid up by an irrigator
    Enviroment Defenders Office covered for a Sunwater/Stanwell Hydro scam

  3. ya the legal system here i bullshit anyway` none of them got any balls anyway` plus they charge $1200 an hr to do jack n sit on their ass n maybe sum paperwork but never have any essence of what it is like karma & justice for all. . .People gettin around with all kinds of shit cause the system & its co-founders have lost all meaning of blue skies blue seas of calm sailing. . .what’s the point if they dont get behind it 100% regardless of how they get there money anyway` seems like every round about now there is no one using their blinkers going 3/4 way around roundabouts on such a regular basis & can cause accidents` i shuld know cause i woz reversed over by a taxi driver (indian) whom speed like lightning with not a care in the world for nature or its species. . .the saddest thing is that he stopped to see if i woz still alive but took off again hit & run after he told me he was going to ring the cops and on the third time of his bullshit bickering i said i am calling the cops he jumped in the car & took off. . .wots the go there i have all the evidence & before a Queen’s Court is under oath. . .Swear to die` but word all around is that the most spoken word is the unspoken word. . .Especially when no word is stoof behind with 110% for the way it is and beauricratical bullshit stands in the way of making real achievements` especially when yeh such good waste of talent & also workers saying ohhh thats not my department which is a load of crodwallop basically cause in business you are behind your product 110% because that is just the ay mate` lifestyle we are supposed to have` gettin fat arses killin trees for bucketloads of meaningless repitition crrap. .not to mention real action n not slogans or research when true knowledge is all around us, and not brought forward for its true beauty & understanding that ppl just dont give f*** for what it is to be living in N.Q pride & proud for our true ability to be what we can be` to what we used to be` but god only knows how many millions are wasted on paperwork mmmmcrap for actual groundbreaking work to be achieved by individual souls with no culture themselves or concept of what actually looks nice hence the dissapearance of a ghost town` but ya who wants the old days of buzzin like a happy like vegemite for breakfast lunch & tea for our Queen Bee = Honey. . .Mmmmmmmmmmmm

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