Gavin King’s Performance: 100 Days of Disappointment for Cairns!

Cairns has gotten another bootlicker for the SE corner, instead of a voice for the FNQ.  100 days proves it.

100 DAYS IN:

  • Stripped $57M (plus $40M in federal money) from the CRC for a project he’s on record as supporting!
  • Stripped $37M from the rehab of the Cairns CBD, his pet project!  Says instead “shop owners need to do more” – after four years of collapsed tourism!
  • Cuts over 200 jobs (so far) costing Cairns over $10Million per year – three times the economic input from the China Eastern flights from Shanghai!
  • Stalling the Premier-promised dredging of Trinity Inlet.  Told proponent Elvis Ashwell “it make take two years of planning”, while knowing full well the still-hidden dredging report is rumoured to suggest a cost of over $110million, with only an additional nine additional ship port-calls per year!
  • Rolled back Gay and Lesbian IVF legislation, while telling the Cairns LGBT community he and Newman were moderates!
  • Stands outside the police station and hails the “Cairns Anti-Crime Program” which insults Cairns with FIVE NEW police officers while the Gold Coast is promised 100!  Instead tells us we “Can-do” with more Neighbourhood Watch (do it yourself) policing.
  • Heralded new legislation on the killing of dugongs and turtles that does NOTHING to stop the killing of dugongs and turtles!  So ashamed by this failure, King pulled the promise from his website like it never happened!
  • Promised minimum sentencing for assaults on police and emergency workers – instead he just increases the maximum sentence.  No one ever gets a maximum sentence!  What a joke!
  • “freeze on car regos” that in fact results in increases of over $20 per year!
  • Fails to deliver promised electricity price cuts, with all kinds of “Tariff 11” and “Tariff 33” double-talk.  And at the same time gutting the renewable electricity programme.
  • Notes the huge ground transport issues at Cairns Airport and refuses to do anything despite being “Junior Member for Tourism”.
  • Announces his “big policy” about smoking outside the hospital – where current policy of $150 spot fine has never been enforced!

And his major accomplishment??:

  • His office, now under the direction of council loser Steve Grasso, who spends every day reissuing LNP press releases signed by the Junior Member.



2 Comments on “Gavin King’s Performance: 100 Days of Disappointment for Cairns!

  1. ya` this place needs action` and not more liars` ya talk of community watch and community members being Great role Models & figure head people on what is Respect for the Land & Mother Nature our True Heart & Soul. . .But no Respect of any word itself is just appaling & beauricratical bullshit is not an answer` if only the apparent leaders of our society’s could be decent people and stop lying to not only them selves for their slight duration at period before being shamed for what they truly are in retraspect of what it is to lead this Tropical Paradise of 2 of the Best Natural Wonders of the World, then rather being taken over by what we fought for long ago to save` rather then to be one day covered in shit & dirt all over our beaches and lands because no-one in power had the decensy to stand up for what it really means to be a leader of a place i once knew woz proud of what it is by land, sea & RESPECT OF ALL CREATURES GREAT & SMALL. . .IT’S AS EASY AS ABC NOW ALL YA GET YA SHIT TOGETHER AND SAY 1 – 2 – TREE – 3 = SIGN OF RESPECT = BROTHERS IN ARMS

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