Can’t Do Campbell is telling more Porkies!!! Queensland just ain’t Spain!!!

Just in case you need further convincing as to how ridiculous the Premier’s comments re Spain were, here are a few comparisons:
* Spain is undergoing a banking crisis as reported by The Economist and Reserve Bank of Australia. Is the Premier implying Suncorp is bankrupt?
* Spain has a credit rating of BBB. Queensland has a rating of AA+ stable.
* The Reserve Bank’s board minutes from last month mention Spain’s debt crisis as a factor for interest rate cuts but not Qld.
* Spain has an unemployment rate of 24% – Qld’s is 5.5%.
* Labor left Queensland with a debt to GSP ratio of 12% for the General Government. The equivalent ratio as measured by the International Monetary Fund for Spain is 79%.
No comparison…just the running of a lot of bull.


One Comment on “Can’t Do Campbell is telling more Porkies!!! Queensland just ain’t Spain!!!

  1. like all they ever seem to do in parliament is argue` u have no idea of the simple things in life are often the best & are often wasting money researching with new government methods rather then doing with simple known methods workings thru all time` coming thru with future times we are supposed to learn from mistakes` except going backwards instead of going forwards. why cant government be in a-z thinking measures rather then fighting against so called parties get with the picture and understand the party atmospheres are when all likes come together and enjoy themselves for greatly pleasures of all creatures great & small. wouldn’t it be great if we had a government that had Business sense (liberal) – a Green Thumb (the Greenies) – all creatures Great & Small (The Nationals) – A Can do Attitude with absolute Grunt (Labour) so pull up ya britches and stop thinking about cash and start thinking about all creatures Great & Small and also about our True Culture & colors of our Great Land i will always call home with notes of why we exist here & what my Grand-fathers fought for (All died in the War) – And what it is to be Ying Yang from both ends of the Spectrum with skittles all colors of the rainbow & brothers in Arms in love of our True Queen – Mother Nature` all giver & bearer of Life itself. . .True Blue under the Pope means blue skies & Blue Seas = Calm Sailing & not corrupt lying backstabbing wannabe so called leaders` i walk the line with my head held up wearing the Green & Gold with Pride cause thats what is is to feel Good with the G-Spot. . . . . ..

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