Cairns Disability Awards recognise inspirational efforts!

Inspiring stories were shared as Cairns Regional Council today celebrated the achievements of local people who have proved that disability does not mean inability.

Mayor Bob Manning today presented five awards in recognition of Disability Action Week.

“Each of the recipients has their own special story to tell – each one an inspiration,” Cr Manning said.

“The Disability Action Week Awards recognise that great things can be achieved by people of all abilities.

“It also highlights the wonderful people in our community who go out of their way to assist others and to help people with disabilities to achieve their goals.

“I know all residents will join me in congratulating the recipients of today’s awards.”

Award recipients are:

Community Spirit Award: Shaun Gulliver

At the age of 18, Shaun acquired a brain injury as a result of falling from the back of a moving ute. Since Shaun’s accident in 2004, he has overcome many obstacles in a long journey of recovery.

Shaun has been able to regain speech, he continues to build strength in the left side of his body to the point where he now gets himself to the edge of his bed unaided and is able to spend short periods of time out of his wheelchair with the aid of a walking frame. These small goals are ultimately leading to Shaun gaining independent living – his next major goal.

Shaun has enrolled at TAFE and is studying business and business administration. Ultimately, Shaun wishes to work with youth as a mentor and motivational speaker.

Shaun has demonstrated true Community Spirit through his assistance and motivation to his fellow Young Lifestyle Care residents and community.


Young Community Spirit Award: Selena McMurray

In 2004, Selena suffered a rare adverse reaction to an immunisation. She lost both fine and gross motor skills, her ability to speak, feel pain and temperature as a direct influence of Peripheral Neuropathy. Through all this, Selena fought for her life and her previous level of independence. Since acquiring her disability,

Selena has been a Student Council Representative and House Captain; received Lions Child of Courage Award and Year 12 Academic Achivement award – among many others – and was last year crowned Babinda Harvest Festival Charity Queen and Miss Personality.

Selena works as a Meals on Wheels volunteer with her mother, Jody; is involved with the Babinda Taskforce; is an active volunteer and visitor with Abbeyfield aged care facility; and was a co-organiser of the “Ride for Isabel” coming to Babinda. Selena proposed and implemented the painting of directional guide lines through Babinda State School for children and guests with vision impairment and is an active member of the Christmas in Babinda Celebration Committee.


Individual Achievement Award: Tom Bennett

Tom has an acquired brain injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident when he was six years old. As a result, he has difficulty with higher order processing skills, fine motor skill movement, fatigue, verbal communication, sensitivity to noise and loss of vision in his left eye.

Tom spent 11 months in rehabilitation at the Royal Children’s Hospital. When he left, he could speak a little and mainly communicated through sign language. Due to his pre-accident nickname of “Tommy talk-a-lot”, he has been determined to communicate and is making slow but steady improvement. Through many physical setbacks and personal battles, Tom has displayed a stoic demeanour and an amazing level of maturity.

Tom is a happy boy with a wonderful attitude to life and a strong sense of humour, which have been his greatest assets in life. He inspires his fellow students with his “never say never” attitude. To quote Tom: “I am glad this accident has happened to me because I can greater understand people in life”. Tom is currently writing his autobiography.

Community Support Award: Far North Queensland Cerebral Palsy Support Group

The FNQ Cerebral Palsy Support Group is a charitable organisation run by a small group of passionate parents of children affected by cerebral palsy and similar physical disabilities. The Group helps families, mainly in the Cairns regional community, to access much needed non-government−funded therapies and activities that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive and limited both in availability and accessibility.

Since its inception nearly four years ago, when five founding families first met, the FNQ Cerebral Palsy Support Group has grown considerably and now supports more than 70 children with not only  cerebral palsy, but with spinal injuries and other physical disabilities. The Group works hard to raise awareness of cerebral palsy in the Far North Qld community, with the emphasis on inclusiveness, focusing on the children’s capabilities rather than their disabilities.

Carers Award: Sharon Williamson

Sharon has worked with people with a disability for 30 years in Victoria, NSW and Queensland as a carer and support worker. Sharon is dedicated to assisting people with disabilities not only in a physical sense, but has created an online directory called Disability Online, Australia’s disability hub. The site contains information on many disabilities, where to access services within a person’s region, travel, aids and equipment and more. Sharon has committed her own time and funds to create this.


One Comment on “Cairns Disability Awards recognise inspirational efforts!

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I have Names` Notes` creed-kind` Traitor like Kinds` Power is not with Like Kind` Advancements are not in like Time` for all of Man Good and Great Kind for Lands of my Queen Love and Like Kinds` My Heart cry’s but answers never kind` Beats for all Great and Small Creatures with Man-Kind both same Passion in Tidal Night and Day Lie`nes` of not like Simba the Great Kind` but just equal and like kind` for Balance in all Love Kind` understanding and Respect for Love Kind for Advancement in Man-Kind for a Love True and Deared for Most Time` Crime in late Time` Traitors in Tea`Time` Pain for 24 Time but can end it with dear Time` Pride is never Kind but Love is Reverse Kind` why in such Time is Gone with Such Lime` Blue Sky’s and Blue Seas of a Like Equal Pope Kind of the Queen is my Nature` My Mother is Like and all thru Sands of Great Time` with all soul and heart of Man-Kind why are we seemed to Bee of this Late Time` with such Power Preceeded for the Advancement of such Bad-Ful Use of Great Existance of our Time` you think we would learn thru out Time` but for Selfish and Traitor let in to My Kind` for the Love of my Land will always Go on` but Respect for all thru like Kind has to made True for our Time for if the Answer is Made for Such Time said to be spoken out for such a sign of Peace which in Holy Matramony and like Noah My ark`like`ology of word many like come such line` for meaning in all word our man-kind for a lie is tail chasing waste of our time` The Way but forward is but correctly stated but True Pride n Passionately Forward – For Backwards with abilities of such essence no True to Man-Kind for call in coat of Arm’s in the Crown of My Queen in all her Glory is done said how and True Kind for where and all time i search like all time with Reality like sore Time` with Present in such always Great abilities of SuperManueally Such Rhyme Piano Like Kind` for Feelings thru vibrations of soul food is time for always Great Time` love well spent in Great Rhyme` for a Meaning of so many ways to love ya` but so many ways to suchly Traitor from all my Life in Such Lands of Prime Time` Presents eternity for all Good Yearly all Day and Nightly DreamTime and Sportsmanship Aussie` Old Great Smiles Family Times thru infinity ways to enjoy your Playtime for a Reason that is always well worth your Time it is a Passion and not thought of like Work Kind. For Truth is Reality said Greatly` by Land Elders and My Kind too Bee Rainforestly Honey as Enjoy what you do otherwise why do it` Harmony is only achieved thru one step at a time enjoyed by your Breath Smiled Each Love Time thru all ever and me kind love Good Times and Great Tastes thru Natural Kinds, Respected for you only get what you put in and the more you put in the more you get out` like the Never Ending Story` cause its as easy as 1 2 Tree` and like a b C – of a Once Caring in Cairns Great and All Kind for a Friendly Honest and Laid Back Great Time` the Love for the Founders isnt real there for Traitors and creedly types take such kind of such endeavours and valors of thought to c-see there is hope for Land Ways Lost in Translation and Front Line Such Kind – Get Back to Basics and Take care of this Great Seed n Pride Such Kind in my Lines for a Love is sadly leeked to bee gone in never know what you got til you loose it and respect for Truth and the Common word supposed to advance the likes of a kind has been lost when creed lines are taken over True Local Kind Man of Queen Bee Like Love of Lands All Great Glory and Hope thought my Prime Time` was valor in Such Wasted and Good Times` engiven to create such Greatness for our Times of Like Wars thru all Sands of our Time with Love Pride n Passion come forth granted for Blood tears and Bad Hurtful War times` for our Wisdom Lost for what Crime for such Time let Taken forth for such Heart of Brothers in Arms thru our Existance for this Land Time` Please i Beg of You“`

    P.S – for my website is but shant i say` realistically` when taken forth for advertising portrayal but not wisdom of it s Great once thought of Good Line`

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