Cairns Residents Speak Out at Campbell’s Cuts and Kings Silence!

The letters were published in Cairns daily newspaper, The Cairns Post on Saturday 23 September, 2012:


One Comment on “Cairns Residents Speak Out at Campbell’s Cuts and Kings Silence!

  1. I wrote a letter into The Cairns Post also, expressing my gravest concerns over the axeing of the State’s main tuberculosis treatment centre in Brisbane. For people’s information, multi-drug resistant tuberculosis cases have already arrived in Cairns. The outcome for this is death. We are about to open our doors up wide to the Chinese, and it is anticipated that over 190,000 Chinese will arrive as tourists on the Gold Coast and Cairns within the next twelve months. China has the world’s second highest proportion of people afflicted with tuberculosis, approximately 45% of the population, according to the Chinese Government. I ask all people to research the internet on the resurgence around the world of this dreadful contagion. Experts put the resurgence down to one thing…international travel. We need to have some protection for ourselves against this dreadful contagion, which the health authorities only brought under control in this country in the 1960s. We need that centre to be functioning!! However, the Cairns Post decided in its wisdom not to publish my letter which begged the Newman Government to re-open the State’s main t.b. treatment centre, in the interests of the people of Queensland.

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