Delfin Lend Lease ‘No Great Corporate Citizen’ in South Cairns!

Councillor for Division 3, Cr. Rob Pyne has criticized Delfin Lend Lease for the failure to fully consult with the community in relation to the sale of their iconic sales office on Forest Gardens Boulevard.

Cr. Pyne said he was, “bitterly disappointed that the company (who also own Cairns Central) rejected an offer from local community group, St. John’s Community Care to purchase the building for community use.”

”St. John’s Community Care provides support to the Frail Aged and people with disabilities as well as a range of Home & Community Care Services in the Far North.”

St. John’s Chairperson, Theo Bacalakis said, “we submitted a formal offer to purchase the property, only to be advised that Delfin had declined our offer to purchase the property, in favour of an offer from a private developer. He added, “St. John’s is a not for profit charitable and benevolent institution, we do not rely on Government Grants to provide the infrastructure necessary for the delivery of services to the community but does receive substantial government funding to provide direct support to our clients.”

Mr. Bacalakis added, “The Delfin Forest Gardens property is the ideal location for St. John’s. It has good access for those people of the southern corridor who need to access the community centre for services, and to combat any social isolation that they experience. The property also has a building that would ideally meet the need of those people who would use the Centre.”

Cr. Pyne said, “I am sure Council would have considered supporting the St. John’s bid, but we were not given the opportunity. The Community benefit of St. John’s proposal would not have disadvantaged Delfin Lend Lease financially, but the Community benefit would have been considerable! There is very strong support within the community for this centre to remain for that community purposes, so I certainly call on Lend Lease to reconsider the St. John’s offer.”


6 Comments on “Delfin Lend Lease ‘No Great Corporate Citizen’ in South Cairns!

  1. Same old story, money talks, St Johns help lots of people in the community, they have helped me on a couple of times, for wich I Thank Them, would be wonderful if they could get that building

  2. I cannot believe the behaviour of private enterprise. How about undertaking a needs analysis of the local community namingly with community members who reside in this estate. I’m sure that there would be a significant amount of residents who would much rather see a community service than a unit block. As a house owner in this estate, I love nothing more than to take my daughter down to the duck pond and walk across the bridge to the local shops and to her Day Care. I’m sure that the council need to be considered in any decision making about proposed development, as there is a caveat over the Forest Garden Estate in reference to dwelling modifications.

    • I agree Sharon – well put…i did put my reply then read the rest of yours…we don’t live in Forest Gardens but frequent it often (Child care, shops, friends)…

  3. It is such a shame that Delfin have gone with developers rather than enabling the area to be kept as a community asset.

  4. I would now be more concerned about what is it they are going to put in there?…i am seeing a big ugly building of lots of units?…yes money, money, money….do they still have the covinent (sorry if spelt wrong)..where only certain things can be built in the Forest Gardens area?….would really hate to see this happen…more housing blocks yes…but please not units…

  5. I am realy sorry for St. John’s Community Care. It’s a wonderful idea to establish the community centre in south area. I hope Delfin and Council will revise their decision. I live in Forest Garden and would be happy to have such a Centre in the area – convenient for the clients.

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