Cairns residents can Re-activate their library card to avoid spring clean!

Cairns Libraries is having spring clean and members are asked to help out by making sure their membership details are up to date.

The annual “clean up” of the membership database will occur next month, with members who have not been active for more than two years to be removed.

“If you haven’t used your membership card since June 2010 but you would like to retain your membership, please contact one of the Cairns Libraries branches to make sure your details stay in our system,” Mayor Bob Manning said.

“Anyone who does not re-activate their card by October 31 will be removed from the database.”

Membership of Cairns Libraries is free for residents of the Cairns Regional Council area and can be established at any of the 10 branches within the Cairns region. Identification is required and a parent or guardian will need to accompany joining member under the age of 18.

“As well as entitling you to borrow items from any of our library branches, membership of Cairns Libraries provides access to valuable online databases, information resources and computer services,” Cr Manning said.

Members are asked to be aware that library staff will not contact them individually to reactivate their membership.

For information on library branches and services, visit


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