One small act of recording the ‘Story’ of a House in South Cairns!

An interesting little bit of local history with a story to tell …

Cr.  Rob Pyne said, “Recently I instructed Council Officers to inspect an old building in White Rock that I was worried had become a hazard and needed to be removed. There had been at least one fire there and kids being kids, the biggest concern was a child getting injured there, so council officers investigated to see if the building was structurally sound.”

As a result, the building was found to be a hazard and an order to demolish it was issued. Now all that remains is a ‘space where a building used to be.’

Fortunately, some months before the building (which was located just where Kowinka Street turns into Anderson Road and meets the highway) was demolished, Jenny Pyne took some pictures for posterity!

This got us to wondering if there was a ‘story’ to the little house.

Cr. Rob rang his mum (Marion) and asked her if she knew anything about the little house. She said, “I think it was owned by a butcher, Mr. Donaghy, who had a shop in Edmonton, in fact he still has a shop in Edmonton.”

“Yes, I remember John Donaghy”, said Rob, “My friend Kim Finlay did his apprenticeship there.”

So the little house had a history – it was a house where a family once lived and children had played.

While the little house had not been lived in or loved for many years, residents drove past it every day!

Unfortunately, unloved buildings are often damaged and become a danger, as this one did!

A bit of life was breathed into the old burnt out remains when it was, believe it or not, given a starring role in a music video! The Cairns Post published a story on this clip at

Here is the video:


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