The “Blog of Living Curiously” by Rob Farquhar – definitely worth a bookmark!!!

We apologise for not having discovered the Blog of Living Curiously by Rob Farquhar earlier! It is intelligent, insightful and certainly worth bookmarking!

Rob (pictured right)  is a quality writer and podcaster who has written articles and reviews for Cairns’ only daily newspaper, The Cairns Post and he is also a “husband, a geek, a dog owner and a Queenslander.”

Rob writes of his own life, in articles such as Can a Foxy Lady take me from Two Wheel N00b to Road Worrier? describing his attempts to save money and the environment, courtesy of a motor scooter.

In his interview with Leigh Dall’Osto Rob shows his class as an interviewer. He has researched his subject and thought about his questions, common place for the Parkinsons of the world, but rarely done at the local level.

Rob says, “I love the written word and how it shapes, clarifies and focuses ideas and concepts so that people can communicate them quickly and effectively. I also love how it can spark the imagination through the telling of tales.”

“I’ve been blogging since 2001 about my various interests and activities, and have recently, I decided to pay my love of writing forward by creating my own novel.”

Well, you are on our Blog Roll Rob and we hope you keep up the good work!


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