Open book on Cairns Unity Team donations!

Some things don’t change!

Rob Pyne

Melanie Petrinec, Monday, August 27, 2012 © The Cairns Post 

BUSINESSES from across the state and prominent Cairns identities bankrolled Mayor Bob Manning’s Unity team to the tune of almost $165,000 during the local government election campaign, new figures reveal.

The Electoral Commission Queensland has published the financial disclosure return for the Cairns Unity Team, illustrating how much money was behind the group’s success in garnering six seats on the Cairns Regional Council.

Unity’s donations trounced the $90,000 poured into former mayor Val Schier’s unsuccessful campaign, and the $6800 of in-kind contributions made to Margaret Cochrane’s Community Alliance team.

The report shows Cairns business family the Irelands was Unity’s biggest benefactor, donating more than $40,000 through two registered businesses and individual contributions.

A business registered as “63 Abbott Street Pty Ltd” donated $14,750, while Brisbane-based company Easterly Projects Pty Ltd put $5000 towards Unity and the same amount into…

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