A ‘wheelie’ good idea for Woree residents!

Woree Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) in partnership with the Cairns Police today launched a new initiative aimed at the recovery of stolen bicycles. Through combined consultation between the group and police a bicycle identification card was produced which is now available to the general public.


The Bicycle Identification Card enables bicycles owners, young and old, to keep an accurate record of their bicycle particulars at home. In the event that their bicycle is lost or stolen, the owner is  able to refer to the card to provide the correct details to police.

In 2012 police were unable to locate owners for recovered bicycles which resulted in over 327 unclaimed bicycles being sent for auction. Police go to great lengths in an effort to establish the owner however in many cases the bikes have not even been reported stolen.

Already in 2013 the Cairns Police Property Office has received 197 lost or stolen bicycles. These bicycles are held for a period of three months during which time all avenues are exhausted to identify the owners. To date this year a total of 115 bicycles have been recently sent to auction.

Police encourage all bicycles owners to accurately record all of the details listed on the ID Card along with attaching a photograph of the bicycle and file at home.  The main emphasis is placed on recording the serial number of the bicycle which is generally located on the underside of the bike near the crankset. When police recover bikes the first step is to attempt to match the serial number with that of a bicycle reported lost or stolen.

The card also contains bicycle security information and is available at Cairns, Edmonton, Gordonvale and Smithfield police stations along with Police Beats and Police Shopfronts.  Local NHW groups will also be distributing the cards amongst the community with Woree NHW taking the extra step with plans to visit schools in their suburb to distribute the cards to students.


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