Come along to the National TAFE Day celebration Mon 3 June on Cairns Esplanade!

As a consequence of the TAFE Reform process, VET delivery across Queensland is set to change dramatically on 1 July.

To encourage competition and full contestability among providers of VET (of which we are only one), TNQT will cease to be part of the public service with all the certainties that brings, and will begin operating as part of a statutory authority.


We will be competing on the open market for scare students and expected to deliver courses at a profit or not at all. Our competitors will only be able to compete on price (course fees) as they clearly will be unable to compete on quality and resourcing.

Our institute is a wonderful community owned asset with excellent training facilities staffed by experienced and hard-working teachers. However, already we have seen misreporting in the media regarding campus closures to which Jo had to immediately respond.

So we all have the job ahead of us to convince the public that TAFE training is quality training and come July 1 it will remain so.

Currently, what the TAFE Reform process means for us as staff and for the community we serve is not clear:

We have organised this event because across Australia, TAFE systems are being marginalised and dismantled in the dash towards full contestability. We do not wish to see the experiences of NSW and Victoria repeated here!

Please come to the Esplanade next Monday afternoon and hear guest speakers talk about the many great achievements of TNQTAFE, what TAFE means to them, and what we can do to protect this great community asset.


Mark Linkson M.Ed., Grad. Dip. (Educational Computing), Dip.T., Cert IV TAA, Cert III TESOL

Cairns Branch, QTU TAFE Action Group


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