Residents rally in response to closure of Mooroobool Community Centre!

There was great concern by some residents in response to Council’s closure of the Mooroobool Community Centre.  Door

Community worker Char Paul and Cr. Rob Pyne met with Florence from the local community to apply pressure to reopen the centre and ensure it runs meaningful programs to assist the local community.

Programs run from the centre have included healthy eating activities for children and courses to skill the longterm unemployed.

Thanks to Char and Rob for bringing this to our attention. You would not know the centre had been closed by ging to the CRC Website, which says. “The Mooroobool Community Centre aims to provide a meeting place where people can share experiences and opinions.  It also aims to support and promote activities to improve all aspects of life, particularly focusing on social, education and health for families and individuals.

In response, Council Officers have said they are investigating options to have the lease renewed.



2 Comments on “Residents rally in response to closure of Mooroobool Community Centre!

  1. We opened that community centre years ago and I can count all the lovely programs ru over time by Antonioand others. Shame to see Councillor doesn’t value what was achieved and what could still be done.

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