State’s no confidence vote on Council’s City Place plan!

The announcement on the weekend by Campbell Newman that the State Government will not contribute to the funding of Cairn Regional Council’s proposal to open City Place to vehicles is a vote of no confidence in the council’s plan according to Save City Place campaigners. City Place

“We have been informing State ministers for some time now of the strong support in the Cairns community to retain and revitalise City Place as a pedestrian-only precinct as evidenced by a variety of public opinion polls, and we have also provided evidence to Ministers of the disingenuous and unprofessional community consultation on City Place recently undertaken by council” said Geoff Holland, coordinator of the Save City Place – Make It WOW! campaign.

“It is time for the council to shelve its expensive and misconceived plans to open City Place to vehicles, and to develop a much more affordable plan to enhance City Place in line with the wishes of the community” said Holland.

“We need a fulltime coordinator for City Place as we used to have.  City Place needs to be cleaned and properly maintained.  We need to invite schools and other community groups back into City Place to hold events and get the city centre thriving again.” Holland said.

Save City Place campaigners say that revitalisation of City Place as a pedestrian-only precinct will cost less than half of council’s plan, and give far better outcomes.  “Unlike the council’s plan, beautifying the existing City Place can happen in affordable stages” added Holland.

More information contact Geoff Holland 0414 062 091.

Save City Place – Make It WOW! campaign


Facebook:   SAVE City Place – Heart of Cairns

Twitter:  @SaveCityPlace


Mob: 0414 062 091


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