Enjoy ‘Ivan Evans Walk’ – A great Southside Nature Walk in Bayview Heights!

The Ivans Evan Walk passes through a conservation park on the south-western side of Cairns city. The suburban location makes the track easy to access by public transport. To get there catch a bus from the central hub in Lake Street Cairns.
The bus travels along Mulgrave Road and turns right into Toogood Road Bayview Heights. Get off the  bus at the stop between Panorama Street and Bayview Street. Continue along Toogood Road and turn left into Sydney Street and then right into Ellen Close. The walk begins in the park at the end of Ellen Close.
The moderately difficult 2.4 km return rainforest walk climbs to a lookout, 500 metres from the start. Arrows mark the track. A set of stepped switchbacks lead to the lookout on a small bluff where there is a good view over Cairns and Trinity Bay.
The narrow track crosses the spur above the lookout and then descends a further set of steep switchbacks to the bottom of a narrow valley where it straightens out and follows Clarkes Creek, crossing and re-crossing the creek for the remainder of the walk. The walk ends on Toogood Road next to Clarkes Creek, 700 metres beyond the lookout.



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