Seven days left to enrol, it only takes two minutes online!

It’s official. The countdown to a September 7 election has begun.

What’s the most important thing to do right now? Help everyone you know enrol to vote.elector-filling-out-an-enrolment-form-sml

You almost certainly know people who aren’t enrolled: 10% of all eligible voters and half of all 18 year olds are not on the roll. Anyone you know who is young, or has moved recently, or doesn’t speak English as a first language, is more likely not to be properly enrolled. A quick call, SMS, email, or Facebook message from you could change that – it could even change the election: 2010 was decided by only 30,500 votes.

There are just seven days left to enrol, and it only takes two minutes onlineGetUp is running ‘a bit of a cheeky media stunt’, but they no doubt know it’s hard to get young people excited about doing paperwork and this is an effective incentive for those who usually tune out.

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Or forward these links to friends and family:… or even better, call or SMS people you know who might not be enrolled.


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