Nicky warns lives are at risk following LNP Cuts to Public Hospitals!

It has been an eye opener being at Townsville hospital the last few days. I have been able to see and hear about the effects of QLD Premier Campbell Newman’s cuts to health and hospitals.

When Mum’s operation kept getting deferred because there were no beds in ICU, I had imagined that the beds were full. But that is not the case at all. There were many empty beds in ICU. One of the nurses told me they are only allowed 10 patients in ICU on the weekend and 14 during the week. Anything outside of this is not budgeted for. Profits before people it would seem. Plus they just don’t have the staff.


There was one nurse yesterday who was walking with a significant limp and looked in pain. We asked her what was wrong and she said she was recovering from a broken foot and was asked to come in because they were desperate for staff!!! We saw many nurses and doctors finishing very late and back there the next day very early.

I know this is nothing new but nurse numbers are pretty dire and it is only going to get worse. It got me thinking about all the other patients who have had their surgeries deferred – not for any other reason than $$$. I raised my concerns about Mum’s operation with the state Liberal Health Minister and was given a response that my letter would be referred to the hospital board.

So the state government wipes its hands of all of its obligations and leaves it to a board to deal with? Well I know who I am going to vote for at the next federal election – Labor, because the Liberal National Party will undoubtedly cut funding to health and hospitals as they certainly have before and we have seen it in Queensland. Our health and hospital funding needs a boost. We can’t afford more cuts. Lives are at risk.


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