Rob Pyne to Nominate for State Seat of Cairns!

Cairns Regional Councillor, Rob Pyne, has announced his intention to nominate for ALP Pre-Selection to contest the State Seat of Cairns at the next State Election! 3s6c66

Announcing his decision, Cr. Pyne said, “Any doubt I had was removed at Saturday’s federal election. With the LNP in power at all three levels of government, I feel winning Cairns is crucial. Crucial not just for the ALP, but for democracy in our region.

There is no democracy in a one-party state, and that is what we have at the moment! Challenging those in power is consistent with my credo of ‘keeping the bastards honest’ which is something I have done over my six years on Council.”

“The cuts of the Newman Government and the election of Tony Abbott has made me passionate about fighting for fair services for the people of Cairns. The Newman cuts to government services have impact negatively on the Cairns Community, both socially and economically.”kingstress

Cr. Pyne concluded, ”I am committed to continuing in my role as a Councillor. I took an oath to serve the residents of Cairns Regional Council and I intend to do this, right up until the next state election.

Talking with residents and listening to their views and voting on Council issues will, I believe, leave me well placed come the next state election.”


2 Comments on “Rob Pyne to Nominate for State Seat of Cairns!

  1. Good on you – we certainly need someone looking forward to ensure the people of Cairns receive a fair go, not just dismantling everything that made Cairns a wonderful place to be.

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