Cairns Council to sign off on Walker Road Sporting Precinct this week!

Council, through its Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan 2010-2015, is committed to undertake a staged implementation of the Edmonton Sports Precinct Plan (Walker Road) including a Master Plan.

The first stage of precinct development has been completed with the recent opening of the $14.6 million Edmonton Leisure Centre. The next stage involves responding to the growing pressure on existing sporting field facilities in the Edmonton and southern corridor. The overall intent is to create and build in stages a sustainable sport and recreation precinct to meet this community need.


Council commissioned Strategic Leisure Group (SLG), Council’s preferred Parks and Leisure consultants under Local Buy, to develop a Master Plan for the Walker Road green field site to meet the future sport and recreation demand of the southern corridor.

Considering the comparative needs across sport and recreation activities proposed for the site, a set of criteria was established to distinguish between levels of need and highlight the greatest area of demand in prioritising the thirteen sports. Six criteria were considered in total:

  •  Club participation trends (membership)
  •  Sport participation trends (ERASS5 data)
  •  Existing facilities
  •  Shared use opportunities
  •  Alternative facilities
  •  Capital contribution

    In terms of assessment priority the most important criteria were; the supply of existing facilities, the opportunity for shared use and access to alternative facilities. Taking this into account, the highest ranked sports were – Baseball, Softball, Vigoro, Cricket and Football (Soccer) with second tier priority to include – Oztag, Touch Football, Hockey, AFL and Netball.


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