‘Urgent Action needed’: Solution Needed to Cairns City Place redevelopment woes!

Cairns Councillor Rob Pyne has called on Council to take urgent action to reduce the impact of the CBD redevelopment on local business, calling it “a crippling burden”.

Lake Street - Deserted as businesses close!

Lake Street – Deserted as businesses close!

Cairns Regional Council has announced a large section of Lake Street will be closed to all vehicles for 3 months from late October. There is still pedestrian access but the shopfronts are obscured by fencing.

“I’ve been talking with local business owners and the works are already having a devestating impact. Unfortunately its only just started,” said Clr Pyne.

“One store owner told me that sales have dropped from $5000 per week to $1000 since worked started. Shopkeepers are frustrated that they’re heading into Christmas and sales are down 80%”

“I’m worried that if this disruption is allowed to continue for the next 3 months some stores will have to close their doors. That’s the last thing the city centre needs.”

Clr Pyne is calling for the work to be done in smaller stages to lessen the impact. He is also wants Council to immediately begin working with affected businesses to find other solutions that will further reduce the impact of the redevelopment.

“Shop keepers have told me they knew very little in advance about the disruption until work commenced and that’s unacceptable,” said Clr Pyne.

“If Council consults more broadly with local businesses in the city centre we can reduce the impact and make this work for everyone.”

“Part of the solution is to break the project into smaller stages, reducing the number of stores effected at any one time.”



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