Taskforce to manage Mooroobool Community Centre!


Cairns Connect has previously voiced concern over the lack of use of a valuable community resource in the Mooroobool Community Centre.

Together with Community Worker Char Paul of Cairns Reuse and Recycle, Nulpa, Nulpa and Mooroobool Power Solutions we have criticised council in calling for urgent action and blow us down if the following resolution was not unanimously passed by Council  today:


So a  Community Service Hub will now be established at Mooroobool under a mutual agreement between Council and the State Government. As a result, Council will relinquish its lease over the 2 Long Street community centre to allow Queensland Police and the Safer Streets Taskforce to implement services and activities that will benefit the community. Council will continue to use the centre as a venue for suitable programs that enrich the local community.

While we are happy to take some of the credit for an outcome, things should not have reached the state they did and community consultation was, as far as we could see ‘non existent’. Lets hope things improve and the community sees real, long term benefit add a result of today;s decision!


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