Newman Government has presided over the biggest single fall in full-time jobs of any state!


By Shadow Treasurer, Curtis Pitt:

Jobless figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show the Newman Government has presided over the biggest single fall in full-time jobs of any state, with 11,200 jobs lost between September and October. From March 2012 to March this year Queensland’s population rose by more than 92,000 which means there are 3,800 fewer full-time jobs to go around more people. Unfortunately our state is growing but the Newman Government’s policies are shrinking job opportunities.

Today’s ABS figures show the seasonally adjusted jobless rate for Queensland has remained at 5.9% from September to October, up from 5.5% at the time of the 2012 state election.

However the percentage of people looking for work — the participation rate — fell substantially in October, reflecting the fact that under the Newman Government people are giving up on the jobs market. If the participation rate had stayed the same as it was at the 2012 state election Queensland’s unemployment rate would be about 7.3% seasonally adjusted.

The Newman Government’s capital works freeze is hitting job prospects, especially in regional Queensland. Before the 2012 state election the LNP promised to target a 4% statewide jobless rate over six years. Treasurer Tim Nicholls has already backed away from the 4% promise by claiming it was never a promise but ‘a stretch target’ (whatever that means!).

The former Labor Government knew the value of spending on infrastructure. In government Labor had an extensive capital works program that built the state’s asset base while also creating or saving jobs during the GFC. Unfortunately all the Newman Government has done so far is sell off more than $3.3 billion in assets — mainly in secret and without any approval of voters at an election as they also promised. They have no major infrastructure projects (apart from a new office tower for Campbell Newman and his Ministers) – especially in regional Queensland.


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