Philippines Disaster should make Cairns folk ask ‘Am I in a Storm Surge Area’ – CHECK HERE!!!

The destruction in coastal areas in the Philippines is devastating. It should give many in Cairns cause to ask the question ‘am I in a storm surge area?’.

With the Cyclone Season starting, this is something you need to know! You can simply enter your address on the Council website to check here!

All of the evidence tells us the impact of climate change will result in more of these devastating disasters, particularly in coastal areas, which are also japan-tsunamisubject to sea level rise, so do check out where you and your family are living.

There are many charities collecting for the Philippines Disaster including the Australian Red Cross and any donations can help make a real difference.


5 Comments on “Philippines Disaster should make Cairns folk ask ‘Am I in a Storm Surge Area’ – CHECK HERE!!!

    • Hi Betty

      I think it’s awful people are asked to leave their beloved pets behind while they evacuate. We always choose to stay with our pets and have just built a cyclone bunker for that very reason. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be for owners to leave to leave their animals to chance. Let alone how terrified our pets must be on their own.

    • Betty Rasmussen raises an important question of principle that you have not addressed in your response Rob. The fact that Betty doesn’t need to worry because of her elevated location doesn’t alter the reality for many other Cairns residents.

      In my view, householders in Cairns should no more be expected to abandon their household pets in the event of a anticipated storm surge than they should be expected to abandon any other member of their household.

      Hurricane Katrina showed how attached we humans become to our non-human animal companions. For many humans, our non-human companions are the closest companions we have. It is cruel to expect someone to abandon their beloved and cherished animal companion to a terrifying and watery fate.

      My wife and I don’t need to abandon our home because, with storm surge in mind, I ensured I bought somewhere at least twenty metres above Australian Height Datum. Many other Cairns residents, especially renters, will not be so fortunate, with much of the central Cairns suburbs, eg Parramatta Park, less than two metres above AHD. I know because it used to worry me for all the years we lived in Draper and Denbeigh.

      In my view, it’s time that Council gave this matter some serious and intelligent debate. How about it Rob?

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