Do you want a Summer of Climate Action ?

We can’t let the government dismantle our clean energy future on our watch. So we’re kicking off a Summer of Climate Action on the streets, in our communities and on the airwaves. Will you chip in to help fund our climate campaigning nationwide?

Your contribution will ensure we run a smart, sustained and well resourced campaign in every electorate. We’ll demand a plan to reduce emissions by the amount that science demands, investment and support for renewable energy and an Australia that has moved beyond coal and Coal Seam Gas. With your help we won’t be ignored.

If you donate $24 or more before the 4th of December we’ll send you a FREE copy of Bill McKibben’s new book Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist (RRP $24.99 + postage). You can find out more about the book below.

Please Note! To receive your FREE book with FREE post, this page accepts credit card only (no paypal, cheque, money orders).




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