Preparation is the key for successful disaster management!

Officers in Charge (OIC’s) from across the Far North Police District met yesterday with a focus on preparedness and disaster operations in the event that a weather event such as tropical cyclone impacts.

District Disaster Management Co-ordinator Chief Superintendent Paul Taylor addressed the group and said, ‘Officers in Charge, particularly in isolated communities and remote townships provide key leadership and a sense of calm in times of extreme weather events such as cyclones. Far North District OICS have been engaging with local disaster management groups and other key stakeholders to assist their local communities during such events’.


OIC’s came together from as far away as Thursday Island, Croydon, Cardwell, Aurukun, Lockhart River and Kowanyama to the more populated areas such as Edmonton and Smithfield to discuss matters such as engagement with local disaster management groups, business continuity planning, evacuation management from a police perspective, power outages and network losses and it’s affect on policing issues and community moral and stakeholder engagement more broadly.

Executive Officer Senior Sergeant Owen Kennedy: ‘Police in the Far North have more many years created and maintained an effective latent capacity in isolated and remote areas as well as in the bigger cities in terms of operational policing outcomes.

In 2010 the Queensland Police Service was asked to take on a greater role in the area of disaster management operations and since that time the Far North Police District have proactively done so. Today’s workshop is only a part of our capacity building strategy for the long term.’

Be prepared – Get Ready Queensland:


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